About Us

Evapixel provides beautiful high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under a variety of Creative Commons licenses. All photos are tagged by a combination of our curator team and our unique Machine Learning photo content recognition technology. Files are easily searchable and we're growing our collection each month!


📷 Photos

We have thousands of free stock photos and are constantly adding new high-resolution stock photography. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by our users or sourced from free image websites. We do our best to ensure all published pictures are high-quality and licensed under an appropriate license.

Photo Sources

Only free images from our community of photographers and sources like Flickr and other Creative Commons photo sharing sources are added to our photo database. 

Referencing Photos

With the license types used on this website you are not required to leave a reference to the photo. However, if you'd like to share a little love we'd really appreciate it!

  • Consider sharing a link back to the original author / photographer. These awesome folks have contributed their work to an industry of sharing and creative collaboration, giving them a shout out to help them grow their reputation and popularity is always encouraged!
  • Consider sharing a link back to this site to help us grow!

We've included references on each item on the site. You can copy this from under the bottom left of the item, and if you're feeling so inclined, add a link back to the item page on this site as well. 


😎 Team

Evapixel is created and operated by Rach. Alongside is the support of a talented project team of software engineers and content curators. We're fairly global. Right now our HQ is located in USA and the project team is scattered around the world working 100% remote. 


📣 Mission

Provide a framework for digital creatives to share and access inspiring content. 




Why Contribute?

We can't tell you what individual benefit you will receive individually, but generally, here are a few top reasons to join our community as a contributor.

  • Give back. Many of us have gained from the value of the open-source and creative commons movement. As a creative, sharing your work in participation helps to support this movement! 
  • Visibility. Uploading your favorite pieces rather than allowing large collections to sit on your hard drives gathering pixel dust will give you greater visibility in the community.
  • Exposure. Showing your work and promoting a sample of your style helps generate more links and clicks back to your own portfolio sites / profiles of those who are interested in hiring you for your work professionally!

Who can contribute

Both amateur and proffesionl digital creatives are welcome. If you have creative content and would like to share your work we'd love to hear from you. 

What to contribute

We encourage contributors to share samples of their best work, to build visibility on their personal aesthetic and style. We do not actively encourage you to upload all of your photos. We believe that as creatives, it's up to us to set a precedent over what content we should give away as samples of our work, and what we should be able to control and charge for. We want you to feel in control, and to be able to make a living from your profession. 

How to become a contributor

Please use the contact form below to submit your contact information and a portfolio sample. We'll take a look and get back to you either way. 


Contact Us

Please use the contact form below to send us a note. We're here to help and will do our best to reply as soon as we can.